How KBS CFO Helps Distilleries Succeed Financially

Did you know that KBS CFO has practice that specializes in working with distilleries?

We focus on the success, growth, and sustainability of distillery businesses. To aid in all of those goals, KBS CFO has designed a one-stop solution, addressing the financial and technological elements of running a distillery while providing the great service that we have always been known for. 

Particularly in today’s tricky economic climate, distilleries can use expert advice and assistance. We help our Washington D.C.-based clients plan and manage the business side of their distilleries, freeing up their time so they can craft great spirits. (And don’t we all need more of that?)

How An Outsourced CFO Benefits Distilleries

Do you know of a distillery that could benefit from having the business side of their operations managed by an organization like KBS CFO? We really understand the distillery business; Accounting Today even highlighted us in one of their issues. A few examples of our focus include:

  • Timely and Actionable Reporting: Leveraging accounting systems and automating processes can provide financial reporting that is more actionable for a whole business (not just for compliance or tax planning).
  • Product and Division Profitability: Which products (bourbon, rye, short-aged, long-term aging) and divisions (production versus the tasting room) generate the best return for the distillery? How can a distillery maximize that profitability?
  • Raw Materials, Labor, and Other Costs:  A distillery’s organization and small nuances, such as how bills are entered, can have a huge impact on records and profits.
  • Tracking Loss: Inevitably there is breakage, spillage, and natural loss in the production process. It can be challenging to figure out how to account for it.
  • Recording the Volume through the Production Process:  Actually tracking everything through the accounting system can give greater insight into the true costs.
  • Financial Planning:  It’s important to do some kind of planning for the future, particularly now—when every business’s previous plans have probably been disrupted.
  • Decision-Making Partner:  KBS CFO could be the financially-focused strategic partner a distillery can lean on for pivots and decisions as the company grows.

KBS CFO could be the partner your business needs to be successful and thrive in today’s uncertain economic environment. Contact us today and learn how we can help you!