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How Choosing the Right Tool Makes All the Difference for Fractional CFO Clients

February 22, 2024

One of the ways we make sure our business owner clients achieve their goals for sustainability and growth is to get face time with them on a regular basis. We sit down together every month, online or in person, and check in on how things…

a small business with a woman standing next the building and a man sitting on the roof of building

3 Ways to Secure Cash Infusions for Small Businesses in 2024

January 25, 2024

There is no shortage of advice online about what small businesses need to do to expand or grow their operations during tough economic times. They talk about marketing efforts, restructuring lease agreements and debt, or moving business online. These articles might be all well and…

Fractional CFOs Prepare Your Business for Taxes

December 19, 2023

I recently wrote an article about one of the things I’ve noticed when “talking shop” with business owners. Many of them aren’t really clear on what a firm like KBS CFO can actually do for them. I got into the advisory nature of what CPAs…

Beyond the Books: The Difference Between A Tax Accountant and A CPA

Beyond the Books: The Difference Between a Tax Accountant and a CPA

November 18, 2023

As a CPA, Fractional CFO, and Anticipatory Accountant, speaking to business owners about what I do is part of my day-to-day. I’ve been in this field for quite some time, have had many such conversations, and I’m always eager to “talk shop.” Something I’ve noticed…

how an allowance protects contractor profit margins in every market

Constructing your margin super powers – Allowances, Contingencies and more

October 16, 2023

Our accounting firm works regularly with general construction contractors. In the role as an Anticipatory Accountant, my job goes well beyond making sure their financial reports are capturing the accounting story accurately, they are in compliance with state and local tax regulations, liaising with the…