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CFO Services for Distilleries

Robin Thieme, KBS CFO founder, standing at bar

You are passionate about creating the best possible spirits and care about the happiness of your customers. KBS CFO brings that same passion to creating quality products and serving our distillery clients. We take challenges off your plate so you can focus on creating high-quality spirits.

KBS CFO understands distillery finance and accounting. We specialize in serving the finance and accounting needs of the craft spirits industry and have a solid understanding of the key obstacles to growth and profitability. In addition, we provide strategic, anticipatory CFO services for distilleries with an eye towards supporting the development and sustainability of your business. Clients often come to KBS CFO for general accounting support but discover how much more value we can provide.

Two berry cocktails


Simple. Classic. Just the right mixture. Offering you insight and strategy for implementation.

Starting at $250/week

Whiskey on the rocks on barrel

On The Rocks

A more refined offering, with room for you to still have your hands in the mix.

Starting at $500/week

Whiskey neat next to a bottle


Concentrated on the whole picture, so you can focus on your craft.

Starting at $1000/week

Understanding Distillery Finances

Generalist accounting firms do not have the same level of experience with the unique challenges faced by distilleries. KBS CFO shines in those moments—with services and solutions tailored precisely to industry needs.

  • Distilleries have unique cash flow worries, particularly involving long-term investments and reduced short-term income.
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations can be complicated. Therefore, you need systems in place to ensure compliance happens automatically.
  • Loss in the production process--from breakage, spillage, and natural loss --must be captured so you can truly understand your company’s margins.
  • As distilleries convert raw materials into finished products, they must manage the conversion of units going through the system. Capturing these costs is necessary to understand your financial needs.
Robin Thieme, Founder of KBS CFO, standing in distillery

Frequently Asked Questions

"I have worked with KBSCFO since I started my business in 2006. Robin Thieme and her team have been essential business partners at every step of the way and have provided such great advice on aspects of my finances and beyond. I have referred many happy colleagues to KBS. I was also able to work with KBS to automate the accounting of a substantial non-profit when I served on the Board of Directors. KBS is insightful, fast, caring, and warm. Robin is a true expert."

- Sally Colella

"I feel so lucky of having had the chance to work with Robin Thieme, founder of KBS CFO while starting my new entrepreneur project. I didn’t have any idea of the legal and financial aspects of the business, and Robin and her team guided me through all the processes, from reviewing my business plan to running payroll, paying taxes, and finding the right bookkeeping resources for my needs and more!! Robin is a great communicator, knowledgeable, responsive, and, most importantly, honest! I highly recommend KBS for anyone looking for guidance associated with new businesses, finances, and taxes."

- Maria Ivaldi