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One of the essential elements of building and growing a business is not just defining the ‘What’ and the “How”, but, possibly most importantly, the “Why”, as so eloquently explained by Simon Sinek.

I had the opportunity to listen to this talk in person a number of years ago and it resonated with me (as it does with many others).

Since as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for inventions, ingenuity and the inner workings of growing businesses sparked by a passion of an individual or group of individuals to bring a product or service to market. This passion was complimented by a love of team sports and the significant feeling of reward from being part of a team, and rooting for the success only made possible through skill, dedication, practice, communication, and teamwork.

I have also found that over the years, because of my technology background, combined with a deep understanding of the business operations, I have the ability to identify current and upcoming operational bottlenecks to business growth.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, nearly half of all businesses shut down within their first five years. So many of those businesses have many of the key building blocks, but, they with the trusted, skilled members of KBS on their team, they will have a much better shot to sustain, grow and profit.

We have had the privilege of getting 100’s of businesses off the ground. I am thankful for their trust and all the opportunities we have had and I sincerely look forward to the future opportunities that will come our way.

Our Solutions

Reporting, Planning and Strategy

We identify ongoing opportunities for streamlined processes, multiple system ‘integration’ and operations.  We also advise on infrastructure technologies and offer guidance and advisory with respect to your business’ technology, human resources, operations, and internal processes.

Outsourced CFO (Strategic)/Controller Solutions (Supervision)

As you grow, KBS can act as a key member of your leadership team improving financial results as well as technology infrastructure, focusing on what benefits the business as a whole, as opposed to just the accounting functions.

Building and Maintaining Accounting Departments for Growing Companies

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Reporting Insights and Metrics

Perfect if you have a bookkeeping team in place but just need help at the “top” of the accounting department pyramid.  We provide the high-advisory and planning services you need.

eCommerce and Shopping Cart Advisory

With our experience assisting eCommerce businesses, we can help with the shopping cart and cloud-based technology selection process.

Virtual Office/Technology Project Management

Based on years of experience in both running a successful virtual business, KBS can provide you with expertise and guidance in setting up a scalable, sustainable virtual organization.

Strengthening Your Business with First-Class Financial and Technology Solution

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