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Hi, my name is Robin Thieme, founder and CEO of KBS. Since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for inventions and ingenuity, which is complimented by a love of team sports. I have always felt a deep reward from being part of a team, and the success made possible through skill, dedication, practice, communication, and teamwork.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, nearly half of all businesses shut down within their first five years. This is often because owners try to go at it alone, and hit fatal roadblocks such as inadequate cash flow, sticky payment systems, or poor distribution. Because of my technology background, combined with a deep understanding of business operations, I am able to identify current and upcoming operational growth bottlenecks. Working as a team, with trusted, skilled, dedicated KBS team members, our clients have a much better shot at sustaining, growing, and profiting.

Since starting KBS in 2004, we have had the privilege of getting hundreds of new businesses off the ground. I am thankful for their trust and confidence, and I sincerely look forward to the future opportunities that will come our way.

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