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CFO Services for Construction Contractors

You are passionate about building beautiful homes and want your customers to be happy. KBS CFO brings that same passion to serving our design/build and construction contractor clients. However, you didn’t become a contractor because you wanted to keep books and worry about obstacles to cash flow. Let KBS CFO take these challenges off your plate so you can focus on realizing your dream.

Understanding Contractor Finances

As your business grows, you may outgrow the capacity of your existing bookkeeping arrangement. KBS CFO understands the complexities of contractor finance and accounting, and we have a solid understanding of the key obstacles to growth and profitability.

We provide strategic, anticipatory CFO services with an eye towards supporting the development and sustainability of your business. Clients often come to KBS CFO for general accounting support but then discover how much more value we can provide.

Generalist accounting firms often cannot handle the unique challenges faced by contractors. KBS CFO shines in those moments—with services and solutions tailored precisely to industry needs.

Expert CFO Services for Contractors

You’re busy. You have a business to run! We can take on the challenges of managing cash flow and understanding your profit margins, freeing you up to build great houses.

Our difference is that we focus on the company's full scope, tailoring the finance and accounting around that business. We devote a CPA-led team that brings together all the crucial roles required in one package: CFO level expertise, Controllers/Account Management, and Accounting Clerk. Using applications and tools specifically designed for contractors, we work with you  to:

  • Manage contractors’ unique cash flow requirements, identifying constraints, and setting up alerts in case of a crunch. Streamline your transactions.
  • Supply guidance on human resources, compliance, audit, debt management, banking relationships, and liaising with tax advisors.
  • Forecast and budget to facilitate planning an expansion, adding new services, or other pivots to your current business operation.
  • Provide proactive, anticipatory recommendations in all areas of business infrastructure: technology, operations, and internal processes.

Scheduling a consultation only takes seconds--a great investment of your time. Contact us today to learn how our CFO services can help you!