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Virtual CFOs on a computer screen

What Is A Virtual CFO And Does My Business Need One?

February 18, 2021

Your Washington D.C.-based business is growing. Customers are buying what you’re selling. You should be ecstatic, but you can’t sleep at night. You feel like the business is out of control. Things should be rosy, but instead, it feels strained. You’re confused by the reports…

Team of professionals looking at a presentation

CFOs, CPAs, and Bookkeepers: Getting the Right Kind of Financial Help

February 10, 2021

Below is a recent conversation I had with one of our long-term, entrepreneurial clients: Client: So, one of my friends has just found out that the individual managing the finance and accounting operation for her organization made several pretty significant oversights. She asked me for…

Two businesspeople standing near whiskey barrels

How KBS CFO Helps Distilleries Succeed Financially

September 2, 2020

Did you know that KBS CFO has practice that specializes in working with distilleries? We focus on the success, growth, and sustainability of distillery businesses. To aid in all of those goals, KBS CFO has designed a one-stop solution, addressing the financial and technological elements…