In reality, we are in the people business. Strategic CFO services, accounting, and business process restructuring are just a few of the tools we use to serve you.

Expert advice:

  • Identify ongoing opportunities for streamlined processes, multiple system ‘integration’ and operations
  • Advise on infrastructure technologies
  • Guidance/advisory with respect to your business’ e-commerce
  • Advice on human resources issues, management and infrastructure (including staffing analysis)
  • Expert advice and proactive recommendations in all areas of business infrastructure: technology, human resources, operations, and internal processes

Generate meaningful reports:

  • Meet with you to define meaningful management reporting (e.g. Key performance indicators)
  • Monthly production and review of financial reports, informal commentary provided when requested/necessary
  • Liaison with tax accountant (including quarterly and year-end planning/compilation)
  • Generate reports that are meaningful, accurate and timely so you can make informed business decisions that facilitate your company’s growth

Forecasting and Growth planning:

  • Create financial and project forecasts to support growth planning and strategy
  • Quarterly client meeting to review financial performance/position

How can we help you?

We would love to get to know you and learn more about your business needs. Give us a call anytime at 301-942-5989.

“Cybercriminals aren’t just looking for the big fish. Firms big and small can fall victim to online criminals. Attacks can come from a variety of sources, whether through fishy links, poor security, or other avenues."

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