The Diversity of Government Contractors

Woman in power suit on laptop next to a man writing on paper

When we think of government contractors, industries like building, manufacturing, and defense often come to mind. Of course, plenty of government contractors can indeed be found in those industries. Still, through my decades of experience providing CFO services to government contractors, I have discovered that they are incredibly diverse. 

That’s fantastic, but government contracting has its caveats. Government contractors face many unique challenges that often need more expertise than a generalist accounting firm can provide.

How KBS CFO Helps A Variety of Government Contractors

That’s exactly why I founded KBS CFO – because it was apparent to me that there were serious, consistent flaws in the CFO and accounting industry that were not being corrected. Government contractors were still going through unnecessary difficulties that strategic CFO services could solve.  

Businesses of any size can benefit from CFO and accounting services, and one advantage that KBS CFO has is that we were built to be virtual from day one, making us easy to work with. Plus, our services are outsourced so that government contractors get the assistance they need when they need them.

A skilled CFO can not only empower a business to win those dream jobs but keep them in compliance with local and federal government regulations. Government contractors face a particular set of obstacles. One is the sheer amount of paperwork. If you thought taxes were complicated, this is a whole new game. KBS takes on the hours of filling out forms, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t.’

Different Types of Government Contracts

So, what does a government contractor really look like? Here are a few:


Government contractors are frequently found in the transportation industry. For instance, many state governments use government contractors to create transportation plans and infrastructure to accommodate the population’s needs and keep them moving along safely.


Cybersecurity is a high priority for federal government agencies like the Department of Defense and the Department of Education. Cybercrime costs the United States economy billions of dollars every year, so not only is there a need for skilled government contractors in cybersecurity, government contractors must maintain cybersecurity standards themselves.


Government contractors in healthcare are pushing the envelope every day with advancements in medical technology, therapeutic devices, pharmaceuticals, and treatment methods. A healthcare contractor able to focus on helping the sick and injured instead of crunching numbers is always a good thing.

Food Service

Government contractors in food services like catering provide a much sought-after service. Capitol Hill has to eat, as do universities, event attendees, airport workers, hospital staff, and more. Winning quality contracts from government entities can take a food services company’s success to the next level.

Goods and Services

The United States government is the largest buyer of goods and services on this planet. Billions of dollars are spent every year on items from software to sandwiches. If a business wants to work with the biggest client on Earth, they will need expert CFO and accounting services to accomplish that, especially if they have never pursued government contracting work before. 

KBS CFO has a long history of identifying and removing problems before they affect the client. Having a deep understanding of our clients’ industries, methods, and missions is what makes us able to provide exceptional solutions to our government contractor clients. Contact us today, and let’s talk about your needs.