Pivoting for Change

We want to congratulate you. Your business survived the pandemic. You’re still here and still pushing.   

We may want things to be how they were pre-Covid, but we’re entirely moving into a new normal. Besides, did things ever really run as smoothly as we remember?

Change is expected when running a business. You have to keep your sales funnel going, keep costs targeted at the necessities, and keep a close eye on your market. However, it might take more than an adjustment to keep your business successful. That’s where a pivot comes in. Many businesses are pivoting to stay profitable and grow even during huge setbacks.

What Does Pivoting Your Business Mean?

A pivot is a major change that transforms a company. A pivot can be a response to circumstances inside or outside of the business, like a change to the target market or a proactive action to be ready for oncoming change.   

We think of the Darwinian phrase “survival of the fittest.” “Fit” in this instance does not mean physically strong. It means adaptable. The organism (or business) that can best adapt to shifting circumstances will prosper, while those that refuse won’t last. We’re in the business of guiding your evolution.

Serving a Changing Market 

In the last couple of years, your clients’ needs and habits will have changed. Research reveals trends in spending, such as more on supplies for home offices and less on dining out. Awareness of your clients’ spending patterns is crucial to whether or not to pivot your business and what direction to take with the pivot.

Meeting Change Head-On 

Responsibility is a heavy word often associated with blame. But take it apart: response + ability—our ability to respond. When confronted with change, we can react with fear or anticipation and preparation.   

You choose how you react. Resistance to change is a choice, as is doing nothing, as is saying, “This is going to make me better and propel me into the future.”  

Trust the Process 

We have a solid path we take you through to ease any uncertainty and make the pivot direction clear and the changes actionable.

A good analogy for pivoting your business is skiing. You have to pay close attention to your trajectory and adjust your direction, or you could run into a tree and derail your whole operation. Improvising is all about being vulnerable, open to change, and willing to lean on your partners, like KBS CFO. That’s what we’re here for!   

The good thing is that we can help you see the finish line before you start. You know what you’re working toward when you can see that ribbon, hear the cheering crowd, and smell the hot chocolate. Go for it. Attack that slope. Because you’re not alone— we’re guiding you through each turn.

Anticipating the Next Turn

Pivoting your Washington DC business toward the future makes it sustainable. KBS CFO anticipates your needs by maintaining awareness of technological shifts, the economy, and consumer habits. We help keep you profitable through each change in direction so you can do what you do best. We’re not in the numbers business; we’re in the people business. Contact us any time or call us at 301-942-5989.