Kensington Business Solutions Changed Its Name to KBS CFO

Robin Thieme, Founder of KBS CFO, standing in distillery

In early December I attended American Institute of CPAs Digital CPA conference (DCPA17).  The conference is dedicated to providing CPAs with the tools and education to best serve our clients in this rapidly changing world in which we live. Topics included automation’s impact on accounting, the wide ranging impact of self driving cars, blockchain and digital currency and many other topics. Change, including managing and communicating change are prolific throughout the Digital CPA community that I am proud to be a part of.

This month Wal-Mart Stores Inc the worlds largest company, changed its name to Walmart Inc (Walmart news).  Well, if Walmart can do it, why not KBS?


Joining the bandwagon, KBSCFO has changed it’s name to KBS CFO.

In October 2004 when I started KBSCFO, although I was well versed in all of the virtual technology tools at the time, I had never envisioned the degree to which the services we provide would be delivered to organizations across the country.  We currently work with clients from coast to coast and having the name “Kensington” is not aligned with who we are and what we do.

Our clients, colleagues and team have referred to our company as KBS for years, so, while it made great sense to remove “Kensington” from the name, we wanted to retain the shortened version of the name.

A Call to Our Staff and Partners

So, some may ask, what does the “K” represent?

Well, for now, the K will be flexible, like our team, and mean to some “Knowledgeable” – represented by our team of knowledge workers, to others “Key” for Key partners to the organizations we serve and Key Performance Indicators for an example of the types of information we provide to our clients.  K might also stand for KPOKnowledge Process Outsourcing – which is an apt description for the solution we provide.  And one KBS team member’s children suggested that the K should stand for “Kangaroo” as they see how we are dedicated to jumping into action in immediate response to ensure our clients are well served.

While there can be other meanings for the next two letters, it is fair to say that we have provided and will continue to provide “Business Solutions.”

Strategic CFO Services

Adding “CFO” was a natural choice as the term clearly states how we approach service to our clients, from the strategic to the tactical.  As our clients are well aware, our services go far beyond CFO services, but a key tenant is access to strategic partners that can oversee organizations’ financial and accounting operations while providing guidance and support to the executive leaders we serve.

Overall, this change does not impact our current or prospective clients except for the fact that our primary email addresses will no longer be the lengthy, but instead

We are excited to continue our work as KBS CFO and appreciate the opportunity that many of you have provided us over the years.


Robin H Thieme, CITP, CGMA, CPA

CEO and Founder of KBS CFO in Montgomery County