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Join The KBS CFO Team

At KBS CFO, we firmly believe that happy employees mean happy customers. We create an environment that supports our employees’ work/life balance and reflects our commitment to lifelong learning. Because of our dedication to fostering a rewarding workplace, our employees are highly engaged and committed to our clients’ success.

On the cutting edge of 100% virtual work from its inception in 2004, KBS CFO employs professionals from all over the U.S. Our employees set their own work schedules and determine how many hours per week they can commit. This flexibility helps them meet their professional goals while ensuring they have a fulfilling home life.

Our Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) focuses on measuring outcomes and results rather than the number of hours worked by the employees. And we recognize the value of having a sense of humor (yes, even in accounting).

KBS CFO provides “real-time” performance reviews that allow employees to assess their progress. We also encourage employees to set 3 to 5 goals per quarter; as each employee progresses toward their goals, the rest of the team cheers them on.

Interested in joining the team? Reach out here by telling us why you’d make an awesome addition to KBS CFO.

“I worked at KBS CFO for close to 11 years and had an extremely positive experience. Robin is a great mentor and teacher and always seeks to make sure both employees and clients are satisfied. I was able to grow professionally, be challenged, work collaboratively as a part of a team and maintain the work-life balance that I wanted. I would highly recommend Robin and KBS CFO to potential employees.”

- Patti

“I had the pleasure of working for Robin at KBS CFO for about a year between 2019 and 2020. I really enjoyed the interview process, which included other members of the staff in addition to Robin. It was the first time I experienced a working interview which I believe more employers should adopt. The training curve was steeper than I expected, but I received the right support as well as the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. The professionalism and commitment to their customers and staff are amazing. I received periodic feedback for my performance, and it was nice to have quarterly goals instead of the normal yearly review most corporations use that only force a sprint in the last quarter ahead of a due date. KBS CFO is a great place to work.”

– Ruth

“I worked for KBS, reporting to Robin Thieme for about 15 months. I found her to be one of the most brilliant financial executives I have encountered. Her vision for CFO consulting services is cutting edge. In the short 15 months, I was exposed to many different software platforms utilized with her clients, which broadened my technical expertise a great deal. She leads her team with a very friendly demeanor, communicated clearly, and spent a lot of time mentoring and coaching staff.”

– Nancy

Current Openings

There are no current openings. Check back soon!