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Two school-aged children with their hands up standing on a stack of books, concept for education

How Government Contractors in Education Can Plan for the Future

May 12, 2022

While government contractors are incredibly diverse, I want to highlight a particular type of government contractor: Childhood education, which has recently been in the news as part of some recent federal legislation. Government contractors in education advance humanity’s progress in this world by providing diverse…

Distillery worker with overalls holding a bottle of beer

The Ticking Time Bomb of the Excise Tax Increase

October 28, 2020

As you are probably well aware if you run a distillery, the prospect of an increase in the excise tax for distilled spirits is hanging over the industry’s head. In December 2017, Congress passed a bill that included a provision to temporarily lower the federal…

sailboat over calm waters, concept for smooth sailing in business

When Piloting Your Business Doesn’t Mean Smooth Sailing

September 23, 2020

Recently I’ve been taking sailing lessons on the nearby Chesapeake Bay. It’s been a fun and relaxing pastime during a particularly stressful year. My sailing instructor has been teaching me watercraft safety rules and sharing some cautionary tales. What has been striking to me is…

KBS CFO owner, Robin Thieme, dressed in a red suit, standing in a distillery

How KBS CFO Helps Distilleries Succeed Financially

September 2, 2020

Did you know that KBS CFO has practice that specializes in working with distilleries? We focus on the success, growth, and sustainability of distillery businesses. To aid in all of those goals, KBS CFO has designed a one-stop solution, addressing the financial and technological elements…

Stacks of coins in a row, concept for cash infusions

3 Options to Secure Cash Infusions for Small Businesses

July 27, 2020

There is no shortage of advice online about what small businesses need to do to expand or grow their operations during tough economic times. They talk about marketing efforts, restructuring lease agreements and debt, or moving business online. These articles might be all well and…